Glerb. We all have something to teach & we all have something to learn.Glerb is a knowledge exchange and learning system that allows anyone to contribute and take interactive, adaptive, mastery-based learning on the web and related media. These sessions optimize a test-teach practice paradigm that includes increasing interval review, corrective feedback, social networking, and distribution on public, private, and corporate web sites, and ultimately on blogs, email, text messaging, smart mobile devices, and so on. The Glerb system includes tools for contributing content, cataloging content and systematically ensuring content quality, and learning content.

The combination of an easy-to-use contribution tool with efficient and effective, accountable instruction will potentially lead to a viral development of content worldwide—a global learning exchange, a kind of interactive Wikipedia. The “Glerb ethic” asserts that all people, regardless of age or educational level, are mentors and learners: everyone has something to teach; everyone has something to learn. The notion is to have a system that encourages people to “pay it forward;” if you are knowledgeable about an area of content, contribute content and share it with others. We believe that Glerb can have a big impact on K-16 education, business training, and informal learning because it focuses on a critical learning strategy that is weak among learners—practice.

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